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Bryan Van Noolen

Recruitment Consultant

Time to throw out traditional vacancies that will leave you none the wiser or don’t allow you to connect with the team of the hiring company.

This silhouette is designed to give you that feeling of team bounding from the get-go.

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Bryan's origin story

When I started working in recruitment, it was new to me since my background was in marketing.

I had to learn a lot about both recruitment and IT. My target audience ranges from developers of different product stacks to security profiles, such as Identity & Access management, analyst to data professionals.

It makes my job interesting and involves a lot of learning, but that’s something I like to do to improve myself.

That’s not it. In the beginning I’ve let leadership know that I like to get involved in other things than recruitment. Focusing on only recruiting is not something I wish to do. I still like to get my hands dirty on the creative aspect and on a strategical level.

From thinking along to optimize our processes for better scalability to helping the client with setting up their campaigns. I can be very critical towards myself and others. So, giving them feedback on their website, their own process and such are things I don’t back down from.

Something I feel less comfortable about is giving workshops, which is part of our process as well. Thankfully, I can rely on the support of my colleagues. I don’t get pushed in something I’m not 100% behind. I can trust on my colleagues who do have the ability to speak in front a crowd, to step up and help. That’s what I like about my team, we are complementary, and we strive towards success together.

I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to my clients, co-workers and leadership team I can do it at my own pace. That way I enjoy working for/with them. Soon I’ll start mentoring students, interns and co-workers on me, which I’m looking forward to share my knowledge, but also take in their knowledge to improve myself.


  • Being challenged
  • Coaching
  • Innovation


  • Honesty
  • Quality above quantity
  • Proactiveness


  • Seniors who think they’re above all
  • Insincerity
  • Claiming to be innovative, but keeping it safe


Problem Solving

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To us, recruitment resembles chess. We encourage thinking several moves ahead. Nice to know: chess is a shared hobby in our Recruitment Architects team.

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