Recruitment done differently.



Cost reduction

On average, we manage to cut cost per hire by 30% after 1 year.


We manage to cut down time to hire to 3 weeks. Including technical roles.


Need to hire more than planned? Our architecture takes in account these moments and we plan for it accordingly.

Retention & Impact

We have established a 99% succesful/impactful hiring ratio throughout 2022.




IdentIT is an Identity & Access Management service agency specialized in ForgeRock’s Identity Platform. The main challenge regarding their recruitment efforts, is the tremendously small talent pool in Belgium.

“Working with Recruitment Architects has been an enriching experience. They showed us how to align our recruitment process with our company culture. In our target audience of candidates, a common frustration during application processes is the need for several steps to get to know the company they’re applying for. Having covered this, we are noticing that candidates were more attracted by our silhouettes, much more than traditional job posts. This results in good candidates finding their way into the recruitment process.”

“We continue working with Recruitment Architects to ensure that our company keeps growing, knowing that our partner is ready to pivot and adjust to a changing market.”




Process design

Future fit




Make the first move

To us, recruitment resembles chess. We encourage thinking several moves ahead. Nice to know: chess is a shared hobby in our Recruitment Architects team.

♟ Make a move on the chessboard to send it along with your message automatically.


We redesigned vacancies from scratch. With our silhouettes, we’re crushing standard recruitment metrics. We are reducing applicant volume, while boosting the quality. For every 4 applicants on a silhouette, one accepts the job.

Process design

Every company is unique and deserves recruitment processes that reflect their employer brand. We enable your internal brand and culture to seamlessly reflect onto your recruitment process.

Future Fit

We are the first recruitment company, worldwide, to have acquired a Future Fit certification. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark shows the way to a Future-Fit Society – a society which becomes ever more economically inclusive, socially just and environmentally restorative.